About Us

About us Having been online since 1996 we bring a vast repitoire of experience and talent to our business. We have established our presence on various social media platforms.

Our staff has extensive knowledge in the platforms of Ecommerce and Fashion thus we are confident that we are providing some of the top designer labels at affordable prices. Quality that you can afford by reputable brands.

Because have this experience we understand how important our customers are and consider fuzweb to be a customer oriented customer centered business.

If you are not happy then we are not happy.

Our mandate is to provide customers the best online shopping experience possible. 

We want you to see who we really are! We believe fuzweb empowers every customer to know that they are getting quality good at rock bottom prices!

It is our goal to provide and sell trendy products to our customers at competitive prices. We aim to make fun and fashion forward products to inspire confidence and creativity in our customers. We work consistently to supply the most effective quality in fashion and technology products at an inexpensive price.

Cheaper alternatives typically equate to lower quality products. Our company's goal is to bridge the gap and offer our customers premium quality products at a reasonable value.

We do our best to keep you looking stunning 24/7

Carole Arsenault - Ceo of FuzWeb


Fulvio Meloni Excutive Director of FuzWeb