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    Welcome to the world of Handoer Lenses, a collection of premium quality lenses designed to bring clarity and comfort to your vision. Our collection covers a vast range of lenses that cater to the various needs of our customers. We offer single vision, progressive, aspheric, polarized, and anti-blue light lenses in a variety of indexes.

    Our progressive lenses have been carefully crafted to provide you with sharp vision regardless of the distance. Whether you're staring at a screen all day or enjoying the outdoors, our lenses will keep your eyes protected. Handoer Single Vision Lenses are available in different indexes and come in both tinted and clear versions. Choose our Handoer Aspheric Polarized Progressive Lenses for a clear vision in bright environments.

    Our Handoer 1.71 Index Single Vision High Abbe Clear Lenses are the perfect choice for those who want the thinnest, lightest lenses with the highest optical quality. They are perfect for higher prescriptions and people looking for comfort and convenience. Handoer Single Vision Ultra Thin Anti Radiation Clear Lenses, on the other hand, are designed to protect your eyes from harmful radiation from electronic devices.

    At Handoer, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experiences. Our Multi-Focus Progressive Tinted Lenses are the perfect solution for those who need help with reading, intermediate, and distance vision in a single lens. Finally, our Handoer Single Vision Tinted Lenses are perfect for those who prefer tinted lenses for a stylish look.

    Discover our collection of lenses and experience the difference they bring to your vision. Whether you need lenses for daily wear or specific purposes, our Handoer Lenses collection has got you covered. With top-quality lenses, unparalleled service, and amazing prices, Handoer Lenses is the perfect destination for all your vision needs.

    24 products