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    Welcome to our collection of Plastic eyewear! We offer a wide variety of fashionable and functional eyeglasses for both men and women. Our collection boasts the latest trends in plastic frames, ensuring that you will find the perfect pair to fit your unique style.

    Our collection features eyeglasses with full rim square frames in different colors and materials, such as PC Plastic Resin, Acetate and Ultem Plastic Steel. We also have unisex square eyeglasses that are both lightweight and durable – perfect for those who are constantly on the go.

    Our Gmei Unisex 2-in-1 Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses are a crowd favorite. They offer a convenient and versatile way to enjoy polarized sunglasses while still being able to wear your eyeglasses at the same time. These clip-on sunglasses come in a variety of colors and offer perfect eye protection.

    Choose from stylish and affordable options like Yimaruili's Full Rim Plastic Resin Frame Eyeglasses or Yimaruili's Ultra-Light Tr90 Eyeglasses for a comfortable and sleek look. You’ll also find KatKani’s Full Rim Plastic β Titanium Square Frame Eyeglasses for a more sophisticated and refined appearance.

    Our collection caters to all age ranges, from kids to adults, and with various features such as unisex, large glasses, and ultra-light, we have something for everyone. Our plastic frames are comfortable to wear, provide safety to your eyes and emphasize on maintaining the fashion quotient.

    Look no further than our Plastic eyewear collection for the high-quality and stylish eyeglasses you need. We offer excellent craftsmanship, affordable prices, and a variety of styles to choose from. Browse through our wide selection and find the perfect eyeglasses for you!

    192 products