Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to FuzWeb
The terms and conditions of using FuzWeb and all associated services are outlined in this Agreement. Accessing, browsing, or otherwise using the Site indicates that you agree to the terms and conditions. Please read this Agreement carefully before proceeding. FuzWeb reserves the right to change all terms and conditions of this website at any time.

1.Order Acceptance

1a. FuzWeb reserves the right to modify or change prices of products and shipping costs and tracking numbers at any time and will notify customers of any modifications to their tracking information.

1b. Once any item purchased from FuzWeb is deemed as being in transit, FuzWeb is not responsible for delays resulting from Natural Disasters, Pandemics,  Ground Logistics strikes or flight cancellations, and furthermore Estimated Times of Delivery are estimated time frames that under normal circumstances are fairly accurate.

***Please note if Customers provide incomplete or inaccurate shipping addresses ( such as a missing apartment number) FuzWeb is not obliged to refund customers. Customers within the US be mindful that if you do not enter the correct shipping information, USPS will not allow you to pick up your package from them after the fact and as of May 2022 they also dispose of items sent to incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses. ***

1.c FuzWeb does not guarantee Estimated Arrival Times when government rules and regulations have been newly updated and delivery of merchandise is delayed as a consequence.

1d. Upon receipt of merchandise, customers must inspect items and inform us immediately if there is a discrepancy in their order. Once orders have been confirmed as being delivered, customers have 14 days to contact us about obtaining refunds, returning or exchanging goods.

1.e The purchase of prescription eyeglass lenses is non-refundable. The only exceptions are if there was an error in the prescription strength on the part of FuzWeb or the glasses arrived damaged or without the prescription in lenses.

1.f When customers purchase items they might be given the option to choose which country the item ships from. If there is no option on the product page to choose a country of shipment, then these items are shipped from various warehouses on the Asian Continent. 

1.g Items which are part of a Ships From  _____(country name) Collection page can only be shipped to addresses within their country's borders. For example the collection 'Ships From USA' can only be shipped to addresses within the USA,  the collection 'Ship From UK' can only be shipped to addresses within the UKand so on.

**If you did not receive what you ordered, please contact us and we will ship the product you ordered out again after confirming some details**.


2. Pricing in Different Currencies

Pricing of products sold by FuzWeb is based upon figures calculated in U.S. Dollars (US$). Prices displayed in other currencies are converted from U.S. Dollars according to the most up to date conversion rates. Denominations of currency on the site, other than on the individual product page, may not be the most current. Areas of the Site where non-U.S. denominations of currency might be inaccurate include, but are not limited to, promotional banners, promotional pages, and information on product category pages. The price displayed on an individual product page, regardless of currency denomination, is the current price you are liable to pay in US dollars to FuzWeb, excluding shipping.

3.Use of FuzWeb:

3.1 To be eligible to use the Services and accept the Terms, you must be at least 16 years or older based on the age of majority in your jurisdiction. You will be solely responsible for all access to and use of this site by anyone using the password and identification originally assigned to you, regardless of whether or not you authorized such access to and use of this site.

3.2 You acknowledge and agree that FuzWeb may amend any Terms at any time by posting the relevant amendment and restated Terms on the Site. By continuing to use the Site, you agree that the amended Terms will apply to you.

3.3 The Terms may not otherwise be modified except in writing by the Executive Director of FuzWeb.

3.4 FuzWeb can and will ship from different warehouses. For orders with more than item, we may split your order into several packages, each of which will have its own tracking number, according to stock levels and at our own discretion.

4. User or Customer Accounts

4.1 Users or Customers must be registered on the Site to make purchases. Except with FuzWeb’s approval, one User or Customer may only register one-member account on the Site. FuzWeb may cancel or terminate a User’s member account if FuzWeb has reasons to suspect that the User has concurrently registered or controlled two or more member accounts. Further, FuzWeb may reject Customer’s application for registration for any reason.

4.2 Upon registration with a valid email address and or current phone number (for logistics delivery purposes) on the Site, FuzWeb shall assign an account and you will be able to choose a password (the latter shall be chosen by a registered User during registration) to each registered User/Customer. An account may have a web-based email account with limited storage space for the Customer to send or receive emails. 

4.3 The set of Customer Email and password is unique to a single account. No Customer may share, assign, or permit the use of his or her Customer account, email or password by another person outside of the Customer’s own business entity. Customers and or Users agree to notify FuzWeb immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your password, your account or any other breach of security involving your account with FuzWeb. 

4.4 Customers agree that all activities that occur under their accounts (including without limitation, the posting of any FuzWeb product information, clicking to accept any additional agreements or rules, subscribing to or making any payment for any services, sending emails using the email account or sending SMS) will be deemed to have been authorized by the Customer. 

4.5 Customers and or Users acknowledge that sharing of your account with other persons or allowing multiple users outside of your business entity to use your account (collectively, "multiple use"), may cause irreparable harm to FuzWeb or other Users of the Site and will result in immediate cancellation of the account. Customers shall indemnify FuzWeb, directors, employees and representatives against any loss or damages (including but not limited to loss of profits) suffered as a result of the multiple use of your account. Customer also agrees that in case of the multiple use of your account or Customer’s failure to maintain the security of your account, FuzWeb shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising from such a breach and shall have the right to suspend or terminate Customer’s account without liability to the Customer.

5. Customer’s Responsibilities

5.1 Each Customer represents, warrants and agrees that they have full power and authority to accept the Terms in this Agreement. 

5.2 Customers will be required to provide information or material about your entity as part of the registration process on the Site in order to make a purchase. Each Customer agrees that

(a) such information and material whether submitted during the registration process or thereafter throughout the continuation of the use of the Site or Service is true, accurate, current and complete, and

(b) you will maintain and promptly amend all information and material to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. 

5.3 Upon becoming a Customer, you consent to authorize FuzWeb to store and use your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.  

5.4 Each Member further represents, warrants and agrees that you shall:

(a) carry on your activities on the Site in compliance with Canadian laws and regulations; 

(b) carry on your activities in accordance with the Terms and any applicable additional agreements; 

(c) not use the Site to defraud any person or entity; 

(d) not impersonate any person or entity, misrepresent yourself or your affiliation with any person or entity; 

(e) not engage in spamming or phishing; 

(f) not engage in any other unlawful activities (including without limitation those which would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, etc) or encourage or abet any unlawful activities; 

(g) not involve attempts to copy, reproduce, exploit or expropriate FuzWeb’s various proprietary directories, databases and listings; 

(h) not involve any computer viruses or other destructive devices and codes that have the effect of damaging, interfering with, intercepting or expropriating any software or hardware system, data or personal information; 

(i) not involve any scheme to undermine the integrity of the data, systems or networks used by FuzWeb and/or any user of the Site or gain unauthorized access to such data, systems or networks;

(j) not engage in any activities that would otherwise create any liability for FuzWeb. 

5.5 Customers may not use the Services and member account messaging to engage in activities which are identical or similar to FuzWeb’s e-commerce business. 

5.6 Customers agree to provide all necessary information, materials and approval, and render all reasonable assistance and cooperation necessary for FuzWeb’s provision of the Services, evaluating whether Customers have breached the Terms and/or handling any complaint against the Customer. 

5.7 Member acknowledges and agrees that FuzWeb shall not be required to actively monitor nor exercise any editorial control whatsoever over the content of any message or material or information created, obtained or accessible through the Site. FuzWeb does not endorse, verify or otherwise certify the contents of any comments, photos or other material or information made by any Customer. Each Customer is solely responsible for the contents of their communications and may be held legally liable or accountable for the content of their comments or other material or information.

6. Breaches by Customers

6.1 FuzWeb reserves the right in our sole discretion to remove, modify or reject any User Content that you submit, post or display on the Site which we reasonably believe is unlawful, violates the Terms, could subject FuzWeb to liability, or is otherwise found inappropriate in FuzWeb’s opinion. 

6.2 If any Customer breaches any Terms or if FuzWeb has reasonable grounds to believe that any Customer is in breach of any the Terms, FuzWeb shall have the right to suspend or terminate the Customer’s account without any liability to the Customer. FuzWeb shall also have the right to restrict, refuse or ban any and all current or future use of any other Service that may be provided by FuzWeb. The penalties that FuzWeb may impose include, among others, warning, removing any product listing or other User Content that the Customer has submitted, posted or displayed, imposing restrictions on the number of product listings that the Customer may post or display, or imposing restrictions on the Customer’s use of any features or functions of any Service for such period as FuzWeb may consider appropriate in our sole discretion. 

6.3 Without limiting the generality of the provisions of the Terms, a Customer would be considered as being in breach of the Terms in any of the following circumstances:

(a) FuzWeb has reasonable grounds to suspect that such Customer has used a stolen credit card or has used a PayPal account without owner’s permission or other false or misleading information in any transaction with a counter party. 

(b) FuzWeb has reasonable grounds to suspect that any information provided by the Customer is not current or complete or is untrue, inaccurate, or misleading.

(c) FuzWeb believes that the Customer’s actions may cause financial loss or legal liability to FuzWeb or any other Users.

6.4 FuzWeb reserves the right to cooperate fully with governmental authorities, private investigators and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected criminal or civil wrongdoing. Furthermore, when FuzWeb is advised of the issue of fraudulent purchases, FuzWeb may disclose the Purchaser's identity and contact information according to the order form contact and delivery information supplied at the time of purchase, if requested by a government or law enforcement body, an injured third party, or as a result of a subpoena or other legal action. FuzWeb shall not be liable for damages or results arising from such disclosure, and Customers agree not to bring any action or claim against FuzWeb for such disclosure. 

6.5 If a Customer is in breach of the Terms, FuzWeb also reserves the right to publish the records of such breaches on the Site. If this breach involves or is reasonably suspected of involving dishonest or fraudulent activities, FuzWeb also reserves the right to disclose the records of such breach to local authorities, credit card companies, and PayPal in accordance with Canadian Laws.

6.6 FuzWeb may, at any time and at our reasonable discretion, impose limitations on, suspend or terminate the Customer’s use of the Site without being liable to the Customer if FuzWeb has received notice that the Customer is in breach of any agreement and such breach involves or is reasonably suspected of involving dishonest or fraudulent activities. FuzWeb shall have the right to publish the records of such breach on the Site. FuzWeb shall not be required to investigate such breach or request confirmation from the Customer.

6.7 Each Customer agrees to indemnify FuzWeb, and to hold them harmless, from any and all damages, losses, claims and liabilities (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) which may arise from your submission, posting or display of any User Content, from your use of the Site, or from your breach of the Terms.

6.8 Each Customer further agrees that FuzWeb is not responsible, and shall have no liability to you or anyone else for any User Content or other material transmitted over the Site, including fraudulent, untrue, misleading, inaccurate, defamatory, offensive or illicit material and that the risk of damage from such material rests entirely with each Customer. FuzWeb reserves the right, at our own expense, to assume the exclusive defence and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by the Customer, in which event the Customer shall cooperate with FuzWeb in asserting any available defences.

7.Reviews and Comments

Except otherwise provided elsewhere in this Agreement or on the site, anything that you submit or post to FuzWeb including, without limitation, customer uploaded photos, questions, reviews, comments, and suggestions (collectively, "Submissions") will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary, and by submitting or posting, you agree to irrevocably license the entry and all IP rights related thereto (excluding the moral rights such as authorship rights) to FuzWeb without charge, and FuzWeb shall have royalty-free usage rights.

You shall not use a false e-mail address, pretend to be someone other than yourself, or otherwise mislead FuzWeb as to the origin of any Submissions or Content. FuzWeb may but shall not be obligated to remove or edit any Submissions (including comments or reviews) for any reason.

All text, graphics, photographs or other images, button icons, audio clips, logos, slogans, trade names or word software and other contents on the website of FuzWeb (collectively, "Content"), belongs exclusively to FuzWeb or its appropriate content suppliers. All rights not expressly granted are reserved by FuzWeb. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

8. General Provisions

The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Canada without regard to its conflict of law provisions. In respect of all European transactions, FuzWeb provides operational payment support. In respect of all other transactions, FuzWeb is the responsible party. 

FuzWeb also reserves the right to update terms and conditions at any time without any prior written or verbal notice.  

FuzWeb Office: 1145 Midland Ave #9, Scarborough, ON M1K 4H2, Canada (This is NOT for Return 

If you have any questions, please email us at info@fuzweb.com to contact us.