How To Order Lenses

 If this is your first time ordering prescription lenses online, rest assured that you can buy from us with confidence. We carefully examine every order detail and if something is not correct, will contact you to resolve the issue before proceeding with your order.

**If you are purchasing Rimless Eyeglass frames, you must purchase either MR-8 1.61, 1.67  or 1.74 Index lenses as standard 1.56 Index lenses are not made of strong enough material to endure the pressure of holes being drilled into the edges.**

**All eyeglass frames have factory suggested segment heights so if you don't have that number when placing an order for progressive lenses let us know at the time of purchase.** 

 1. If you only want to purchase the frames choose "Add to Cart" or "Buy with PayPal" and proceed to checkout.

  1. If there is a Dark Gray rectangular box on your product page that says “Select Lenses and Purchase” then you can purchase lenses for this eyeglass frame.
  2. Clicking on this will open up a side menu. The first options are “Choose Your Prescription Type” and “Single Vision Lenses” or “ Progressive Lenses."

4. Second page is “Add your Prescription”. Choose one of these three options: “Upload File”, “ Enter Manually” and “Go to Lenses”. To send us your prescription later or go to the lens options faster, choose “Go to Lenses.” 

5.Next is “Choose Your Lenses”. Here are all available lenses, organized by price and their details  are summarized under the photo. Choose your lenses.

 6.This final page of the pop up is  “Review Your Order”.  Here is the summary of your cart. There is also a “Notes” box where you can enter prescription information with PD value which must be provided.

   7.If you don't have your PD value don't worry. Here is the easiest way to get that number. All you need is a millimeter ruler and a mirror.

      8. Your cart will then be in the Checkout area where you will see the            details and total amount of your purchase. Click in the Agree to Terms and             Conditions box to proceed with your purchase.

           9.  Segment height is where your progressive lenses transition from one prescription strength to the next. All eyeglass frames have suggested segment measurement values. If you don't have that number don't worry. Your new lenses will be made with the standard segment height that corresponds to the frame. line the 0 on the ruler according to the image

  10 ***Please note that customized strength with higher Sphere and Cylinder values can take 3 to 5 days longer. Photochromic, progressive, anti-blue light or a combination of these can take an extra 5 7o 7 days as lenses have to be created. Lenses with glittered edges for rimless frames take approximately 21 working days to prepare.***