Ordering prescription lenses from FuzWeb has never been easier.

  1. If there is a beige rectagular box on your product page that says “Select Lenses and Purchase” then you can purchase lenses for this eyeglass frame. Click on that link.

  1. Next your cart will pop up with pages. Page one is titled “Choose Your Prescription Type” Choose between the two options “Single Vision Lenses” or “ Progressive Lenses. Click the mouse on your selection.


  1. Page two is titled “Add your Prescription” . Here there will be three options “Upload File”, “ Enter Manually” and “Go to Lenses”. To go to the lens options faster click on “Go to Lenses.” Make your selection by clicking on one of those options.

  1. Page three is titled “Choose Your Lenses” page. Here you can go through the available lenses. They are organized by prices so the less expensive lenses are first. All of the lens specifications are summarized under the lens photo. All lenses that appear in this area can be customized to the frames in your cart. Select your lenses by clicking on one of the options available. You will immediately be directed to the last page of the pop up.

  1. This final page of the cart pop up is titled “Review Your Order” page. Here you will see the details about the lenses you choose and the frames you choose.There will be a box titled “Notes” where you can enter the prescription information including PD number. This number must be provided.


  1. Your cart will then be directed to the Checkout Cart area. You will see the details and total amount of your purchase. Click in the Agree to Terms and Conditions box to proceed with your purchase.

  2. If you are not sure what thickness of lenses are available please compare your prescription values to those in the chart below:Refractive Lens Index Guide
  3. If you don't have your PD value don't worry. Here is the easiest way to get that number. All you need is a millimeter ruler and a mirror
  4. Segment height is where your progressive lenses transition from one prescription strength to the next. It is determined by the height of your frame lens area measurement from the bottom of the lens up to where your lower eyelid meet. Segment height value is only needed when purchasing progressive lenses. If you don't have that number don't worry. Your new lenses will be made with the standard segment height that corresponds to the frame style you’ve selected.       
    Segment Height