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    Discover the amazing collection of Handoer Glasses! Made with quality materials such as Tr 90 Titanium and Rubber Titanium, these glasses are designed to offer both style and comfort. From the retro full rim square frames to the classic round styles, there is a perfect pair for everyone.

    One of the great features of the Handoer collection is their special Photochromic lens technology which automatically adapts to different lighting conditions. Whether indoors or outdoors, you'll have clear vision without the need to switch glasses.

    The collection is perfect for those with Hyperopia, with lens variations ranging from +350 to +600, and also caters to those with magnification needs from +175 to +325. Plus, with the option to select from lens variations from 0 to +150, customers can get accuracy personalized to their specific magnification needs.

    All glasses are unisex and come in diverse styles to suit your personal taste while offering maximum functionality. The collection offers excellent value for money as they are built to last. Whether you are an avid reader or occasional reader, Handoer's collection of reading glasses is suitable for all individuals.

    In conclusion, Handoer's collection of reading glasses is the perfect addition to your reading accessory collection. They come in diverse styles, cater to a range of magnification needs, include photochromic technology, and are affordably priced. Order your new reading glasses today and step up your reading experience like never before!

    94 products