FAQs about COVID-19

Recently, we have received many queries and concerns from our customers due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation,several countries have closed their borders and is restricting people movement, which has resulted in a significant amount of air traffic being halted.

As a consequence, there has also been a large reduction in freight and linehaul capacity and therefore is hindering shipments being sent to numerous locations in the world.

Here, FuzWeb would like to clarify a few details which, we hope will provide a more satisfactory shopping experience for all of our valued customers.

Q: Why are you no longer shipping to my country?

A: FuzWeb has cut 179 countries and regions from its delivery availability and are no longer covered in our shipping zones.

The reason for this is currently logistics companies and their airplanes have been grounded by government orders in their respective countries and until this global health issue is resolved we are unable to provide affordable shipping prices and accurate up to date tracking information.

Q: Will my package have COVID-19?
A: Each package is disinfected before leaving our warehouses. The World Health Organization states that viral diseases cannot be transmitted through packages, but we still disinfect them for added safety.  
Q: Will order processing slow down?

A: At present, COVID-19 has been suppressed in China, and shipments originating from Chinese warehouses will be affected temporarily with some slight delays.

We have upgraded our Estimated Delivery Times to reflect this. In other warehouses in the USA, UK, France, Spain, Australia, Russian Federation, Belgium and Poland items being shipped from these warehouses
to shipping address within their respective countries are still within the time frames indicated in our Estimated Delivery Times page. 
Q: Will the shipping time slow down?
A: Due to COVID-19, some logistics companies have challenges managing the deliveries of the many items now being shipped worldwide, and as a result, even though we are still able to ship to some countries, delivery companies and couriers are still experiencing delays.

Currently USA and Canada have tightened their Customs inspections and protocols and, as a result customer orders are being delayed by a few days.

As these newly implemented government regulations are unpredictable and change from day to day, the shipping time limits for orders may extend beyond what is displayed in our Estimated Times Page.

USPS has also announced staggered work practices and are operating at half staff capacity .

Q: Are there any adjustments to the after-sale policy?
A: If you are unable to accept the package and the package is returned, we will not charge any return shipping fees and issue a full refund!

If you want to return an item and are presently unable to send it to us, we will extend the return time until logistics are back to a normal volume!

If your order does not arrive after 90 days, then we will reship it or issue a full refund.